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welcome to deaddang.com.

so basically the deal with this website is that it all started sometime january 2015. i, deaddang, got so fed-up with other art websites like tumblr that i just wanted my own place, my own website, my own little chunk of the internet to fiddle around with. deaddang.com was born and after going through many revisions (and many stagnations), it ultimately became what it is now: a multimedia collective for people who can't stand any other website.

i was the first artist on deaddang.com (duh). i posted a couple of original drawings, glitch art, and plenty of other things.

when i revised the website into its current aesthetic, i ugit (a close artist friend of mine) if he wanted to join in on my website (he's had similar struggles in the past) and i let him into deaddang.com as a way to say thanks for helping me get some of deaddang.com's dirty work done (in terms of hosting and finding a FTP program and such.)

lukas, known informally as freedom, is an artist friend i know in person who wanted to join my website. he was there back when i deleted my original tumblr account and wanted to call dibs on his side of my website about a year and a half afterwards. lukas and i have had many experiences in the past and we frequently take eachother out to get dinner.

deaddang.com is not looking for any more artists beyond incredibly close friends who have the patience to put up with my flaws. to get a taste of my flaws, listen to the podcast.